My Gardening Philosophy of Life in Full Color

Vegetable Garden Colorful

A few months ago I embarked on the adventure of a full website redesign. During the process, I took a step back and examined what it really means to be a “creative vegetable gardener”.

When I launched my business several years ago I settled on that name because I felt it defined my gardening philosophy. It’s extremely important to me to have an efficient and productive garden; I want to get a lot of food from it. But it’s equally important to me to create a garden that is stunningly beautiful. The aesthetic joy my garden brings to my life is equally as powerful as the food it feeds me.

This is the ideal of my gardening experience – to get the most from my garden in all the ways possible. Spectacular color, fun experiments, interesting design, and baskets of vibrant food. Over time, I’ve started calling this gardening philosophy “gardening in full color”.


What does it mean to garden in full color?

Elevate your garden. Your garden should be a source of deep beauty and joy, not shoved away in a back corner of your yard. Allow it to be a central part of your landscape. Highlight the clean and natural beauty of the vegetables by adding touches of colorful flowers, simple garden structures and tasteful art pieces.

Keep it simple. Why over-complicate gardening when there’s a simple solution? Focus on mastering the basics and knowing what you actually need to have a successful garden. After developing your skills you can bring even more pleasure to the gardening experience with the right details and experimentation. Stick to minimal fuss – find the smart and most elegant solution.

Ask for more from your garden. When you miss out on the actual food and satisfaction of gardening, you feel the frustration of seeing no results. Don’t just dabble, embrace gardening as a lifestyle.Dive in and get your hands dirty. Set off on a lifetime adventure of learning and skill building and you’ll be able to build the garden of your dreams.

Value adventure and variety. The secret to gardening in full color is a curious, independent spirit. Nothing is quite like the thrill of grabbing dinner from your own yard, or the anticipation of discovering something new in your garden each day. Be willing to experiment with new ideas and constantly seek adventure in your own little corner of the world – your garden!


Whether you’re breaking new ground for your first garden ever or you’ve had your hands in the soil for many years, I invite you to join me in gardening in full color. Stick around and together we’ll pursue a life filled with flavorful food and garden adventures!



  • Your new website is beautiful, Megan! Very inviting and describes your vision/business/personality very well, from what I can see!

  • Hi Megan. Beautiful business and web site. I am studying a Tara Gentile Creative Live course and as soon as she mentioned the name of your business I was excited to look it up! And I can see what a wonderful job you do. I am a potter and one of my dreams, inspired by my Italian grandfather, has always been to create a thriving vege garden and you may be the inspiration and guidance I need to make it happen! Thank you. Wishing you all the very best. Miya.

    • Welcome, Miya! Pottery is one of my favorite art forms. I’d love to help you build a beautiful and productive garden!

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