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harvesting tomatilloes

Perfect Timing: When is a Tomatillo Ready to Pick?

Tomatillos aren’t just green tomatoes! They’re a unique vegetable with it’s own tangy taste that’s nothing like its cousin tomato. They may not be as popular in home gardens, but those of us who do grow them have learned that they’re extremely productive and definitely deserve space in our garden beds. Although tomatillos definitely fall […]
do tomatillos need two plants

Are Tomatillos Self-Pollinating? A Gardener’s Guide

One season, I was tending to a client’s garden and her tomatillo plant was flowering, but wasn’t producing any fruit. I was confused because usually tomatillos are super productive. It’s easy to grow more than you can use in your kitchen. What the heck was going on? I was comparing the tomatillo plants in my […]
tomato harvest

The Big Question: How Long Does It Take for Tomatoes to Grow?

I know we all agree, there’s nothing quite like the taste of a homegrown tomato straight from the garden! No wonder it’s one of the most popular vegetables grown by gardeners. Since you’re probably counting down the days until your first harvest, you’re likely wondering how long does it take for tomatoes to grow? It […]
green, purple and yellow bean harvest

The Great Debate! Choosing Between Bush Beans vs Pole Beans

True fact: I rarely buy green beans from the grocery store. I find them to be waxy and virtually tasteless most of the time. They’re one of the vegetables I only eat during their growing season. That’s why I think they’re one of the most “worth it” vegetables to grow in your garden. One of […]
seed packets for the garden

When to Start Seeds Indoors in Zone 5 Demystified

I’ve lived and gardened in zone 5 (Madison, Wisconsin) for the bulk of my gardening life, over 20 years! This zone is no joke with bitterly cold winters and hot, humid summers – we have it all. The winters are long in Wisconsin, which is one of the reasons why I love starting seeds for […]
white pumpkin growing in garden

Seed to Harvest: Growing Pumpkins in Raised Beds

After building several different gardens of my own and working with hundreds of gardeners over the years, I’ve found that building and growing vegetables in raised beds is the best choice for most people. Raised beds offer lots of important benefits: they require less work to prepare in spring and less long term maintenance, they’re […]

Books to help you get the most from your vegetable garden

Grow more vegetables than ever in your garden this season. This book is a fresh and simple approach to planning your garden. At the end, you’ll have a personalized blueprint for what a successful season in your garden looks like.

Eat food from your garden all year round! Preserving food doesn’t have to be difficult or take up a lot of time. And if you think canning is the only option – this book is for you! I’ll teach you how easy it can be to use your basement, fridge, and freezer instead.


harvesting zucchini for best flavor

Timing Matters: Know When to Harvest Zucchini

All summer you’ve been busy growing zucchini, and now it’s time for the most fun part of all – harvesting. Zucchini grows quickly, and within 45-60 days after planting you will likely see small fruits emerging from the large, colorful blossoms.  But how do you decide when to harvest zucchini? Knowing when it’s ready to […]
When to pick cherry tomatoes

When to Pick Cherry Tomatoes: Tips for Optimal Flavor

If I had to pick one variety of tomato to grow I would be hard pressed to make a decision. Would I skip the production and flavor of a classic paste tomato like Amish Paste? Or would I ignore the delicious flavor and beautiful color of the solid slicer Moonglow? I do know one thing, if […]
solutions for pepper plants not growing

5 Reasons Why Your Pepper Plants Aren’t Growing

After teaching gardening for over 20 years, I can confidently say that many gardeners in colder climates like mine have difficulty growing peppers. The problems often begin in late winter when gardeners are starting peppers indoors and continue into the summer when they wonder why are their pepper plants not growing. I used to struggle […]
wheelbarrow of onion harvest

Storing your homegrown onions for winter

Onions are one of my favorite vegetables to grow in my garden each year. Most seasons I plant between 300-500 and the majority of them go into storage so we can eat our own onions all winter long. Figuring out how to store garden onions can be tricky, but I’ve been doing it successfully for […]
gardener holding cilantro harvest

Help! How Do I Keep My Cilantro From Bolting?

“Help, my cilantro always bolts! Why can’t I grow it well in my garden?” That’s a common plea I hear from gardeners everywhere in the spring and summer. And no wonder, cilantro bolting is a very common occurrence in those seasons, and it can be very frustrating. In this article I’m going to share my best […]

Secrets to Watering Your Vegetable Garden the Right Way

Along with soil and sunlight, water is an extremely vital part of your garden’s success. But, watering your vegetable garden can be tricky. Water too much and some plants, like tomatoes and squash, will be more prone to disease and even start to look very unhappy. Water too little and vegetables like onions won’t grow […]

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