Tour of My Garden: July

Front yard urban garden

I always think of July in the vegetable garden as the month where the harvest really starts to racket up! I’m starting to have a hard time keeping up with the vegetables coming in from the garden. I cook a lot during the week, but the fridge is getting more and more crowded with every passing day. What a wonderful “problem” to have!

I’d thought I’d take you on a tour of my garden as it is right now – a snapshot of the height of summer.

Notice anything different about my house in the photo above? I, with helpers (thanks Mom, Dad and Jeff), am painting our house this summer. Do you remember the old color? A minty green that we guess is the original color from the 1960’s. I’m unsure about the new accent color on the door. I think I may need to go a shade darker/deeper. It’s a little too bright.

Front yard garden

The flower garden border between the street and the front yard garden is really popping. It’s a bit crowded as well, so we’ll plan to move some things around in the fall to create more space. Below, the honey bees are all over this ornamental allium in the mornings.

Insects in Vegetable Garden

Herb Spiral

I’m loving my herb spiral. The plants have filled in nicely. From the top: rosemary, thyme, parsley, onion chives, sage, purple basil, calendula, golden oregano.

Vegetable Garden Front Yard

Without a wide angle lens it’s difficult to get a full shot of my front yard garden. Here are a few beds from the side. the nearest bed has celery on the left, then rows of carrots, beets and cilantro. The middle bed has lacinato and curly green kale on the ends with romanesco broccoli in the middle. (I’m still waiting for it to produce.) The far bed has purple kale on the end with leeks, purple cabbage and beans in the rest.

Onions Vegetable Garden

My 300 onions are bulbing up really nice so far! I just finished the last of the onions from last year this week. (I froze some chopped to get me through the first part of the summer.)

Purple Peppers Vegetable Garden

I was pleasantly surprised to find these purple peppers peeking through the plant one morning last week.

Purple Beans Vegetable Garden

This tri-color mix from Johnny’s (Trilogy) has green, yellow and purple beans mixed into the same packet. I’ve been having fun using them raw in colorful dinner dishes.

Colorful Carrots Vegetable Garden

Mom always said not to play with your food, but I can’t resist when it’s this beautiful!

Front yard vegetable garden

Moving on to the side yard – you can see the painting in progress in this photo. We live in such a friendly neighborhood. Pretty much every day that I’m working outside someone stops to say hi and complement our gardens and new paint color. It’s so heartwarming!

Hog Panel Trellis Vegetable Garden

My hog panel trellises are finally getting covered with greenery. I planted love vine and hyacinth bean on this one. In the rest of the bed are flowers in the front left side with potatoes behind, on the right is okra and basil in the front with potatoes behind.

Vegetable Garden Flowers

Some of my favorite annuals have reached maturity like this Lady in Red Salvia (above) and Peppermint Stick Zinnia (below).

Flowers for Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden Trellis

We experimented with another style of hog panel trellising above. This one has Sungold tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers and squash climbing up it’s sides. In the rest of the bed are salvia and zinnia on the front left with brussels sprouts behind, and a big bed of tomatoes on the right.

Vegetable Garden Trellis

The pole beans have quickly reached the top.

Hog Panel Trellis for Vegetable Garden

I love the tendrils on the squash.

The side garden doesn’t have a fence, so I intentionally planted vegetable I thought the rabbits wouldn’t eat. I haven’t harvested much from this garden yet since it was planted much later than the front garden.

Thanks for taking the tour with me! If you have any questions about the garden leave them in the comments below the post.


  • G Maliszewski

    Thanks for posting the photos. I agree about the door color, perhaps a similar shad as the roof to tie the house together?
    Love the new house color!

  • Your garden is wonderful! I love how organised yet organic it is. I got some really good ideas from this post.

  • Hello,

    Having a terrible time with cucumber beetles this year. Any words of advice as to how to deal with them? I’m reluctant to use pesticide sprays, since I am concerned about the impact on the beneficial insects… especially honeybees. Thanks!

  • July has been “abundantly” successful for you folks at your new home this first summer…wild front door, as well as nice house color, sweet herb spiral, creative trellises, lush veggies and other “growies”…thanks for the yummy photos and informative tour! 😉

  • Loved the photos and definitely great color choice for the house. Makes me realize how stunted our plants are which also reminds me to thank you for the post about healthy soil and adding organic fertilizer. I added some last week and already see a difference. Both my husband and I read your blog and wouldn’t be successful gardeners without your advice! Thanks Megan?

    • So glad to hear that adding some fertilizer really helped! It does work wonders on my garden.

  • […] garden still looks very lush and colorful, it’s a different garden than it was during the last garden tour in July. Here’s what happening in the last full month of the frost free gardening season around these […]

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