You're not having the success you'd like because of what you're doing (or not doing) in spring

It’s time to let you in on one of the most important secrets I’ve learned about gardening – the decisions you make and the actions you take in spring set the stage for the entire season.

Like most of us, you’re probably busier than you’d like to be. It’s hard to carve out time for your garden. So when you do have time you want it to be fun. But, you’re struggling and experiencing failures. You feel like you’re putting in tons of effort and not getting much back.  You’re spending too much money and not getting the results you’ve hoped for.

I’m tired of seeing fellow gardeners invest a lot of time, energy and money into their gardens and get less than stellar results. I know firsthand that it doesn’t have to be this way. The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is this- When you make smart decisions in spring you set the foundation for a successful season: you grow more food, spend less time on unnecessary tasks, waste less money, and create a beautiful garden.

Don't get behind this spring.

My new online class, Smart Start: Spring into Action, is all about taking action.  Early spring is make or break time in the garden. You can set yourself up for an excellent season, or doom yourself to a mediocre one. This 4 week class will focus on simple, effective and smart actions you can take in your garden that will deliver big results all season long.

And I’ll be there to answer your questions and offer my years of experience to help you with solutions for your specific garden situation. (That’s the benefit of classes over books – you can talk with the instructor and other participants.) Before you know it you’ll be harvesting the first vegetables of the season!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to make the most of the gardening space you already have by growing as much food as possible.
  • You’ve been experiencing failures in the garden and you’re ready to learn what you’re doing wrong.
  • You’re tired of putting more energy and money into your garden than you’re getting out of it.
  • The hit and miss approach isn’t working for you any more.  You want real results and satisfaction from your gardening efforts.
  • You’re looking for down-to-earth, actionable advice you can use in your garden right away.
Smart Start provided me with the resources, direction, organization, and encouragement to succeed in my garden this year. I have a tendency to jump in and learn by doing which can be fun, but also frustrating and sometimes costly. It's a lot more fun to succeed!
—Kelli George

Here’s what you’ll learn during our 4 weeks together:

  • Week 1
    to Plant
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
    & Design
  • Week 1: Ready to Plant - Timing, Spacing & Selection

    We’ll make sure you know the best ways to plant and grow the vegetables you want in your garden.

    You’ll learn:

    • What to plant: how to choose the best vegetable varieties, which vegetables to direct seed and transplant, and my top picks for the easiest vegetables to grow so you can make smart decisions about what to grow this year.
    • When to plant: understanding cool and warm season vegetables, the best vegetables for succession planting, how to create a custom calendar that tells you what to plant each week of the season. You’ll have a plan for keeping the harvest going all season long!
    • Where to plant: how much sun vegetables need, using crop rotation, and how to use your garden space more efficiently so you’re growing as much food as possible.
    • How to plant: how to prep garden beds, the correct way to plant seeds and plants, and the ideal plant spacing to maximize production.
    • My short list of must have tools for the garden.
    • Record keeping basics that will make next season even easier.
  • Week 2: Easy Garden Maintenance

    The smart garden is one that requires the least amount of maintenance possible.

    You’ll learn:

    • All about mulch: what to use, where to buy it, how to apply it and how weeding can become an infrequent occurrence!
    • How much water your plants need and how to water so you’re giving them the best chance of success.
    • How to speed up the spring season with row cover to get more food faster.
    • Understanding your soil: how to know when you need a soil test, when to fertilize, and how to build your long term soil health so your plants are super productive.
    • Pests & diseases: how to identify and deal with the most common pests and diseases. Get a handle on them before they become a big problem.
    • Troubleshooting specific vegetables: my best tips on growing carrots, onions, peppers and more. I’d love to hear from you what you struggle with so we can turn that around this season.
  • Week 3: Design Essentials & Adding Artistry to Your Garden

    Understanding a few essential design concepts will help you reduce maintenance and increase your harvest. We’ll end the class with some creative ideas to add more color and artistry to your garden.

    You’ll learn:

    • Why and how to create a permanent garden design to maximize your harvest and reduce labor.
    • Why you might want to get rid of the grass in and around your garden. This can be a maintenance nightmare.
    • Design tips for a colorful garden: using color and texture in your design and how to plant creatively for a more beautiful garden.
    • Mixing flowers and vegetables: the best places to plant flowers and tips on expertly mixing flowers and vegetables for more color and interest.
    • Unique varieties: My favorite vegetables and flowers for creating a unique and interesting garden.
  • Special Bonus Lesson: Growing Organic Tomatoes Successfully

    In this special bonus you’ll learn:

    • Favorite tomato varieties to help you weed through the choices.
    • Why and how to expertly prune your tomato plants so they produce more fruit and have less disease.
    • My 2 favorite tomato trellising methods that are simple and effective.
    • Preventing and managing tomato pests & diseases so your plants are more healthy throughout the season.
    • Caring for tomatoes: watering, harvesting, and mulching to give your tomatoes the right environment for success.

What the Class Includes

  • Each week you’ll receive an audio/video lesson over email with lots of full color photos, clear and specific worksheets, templates, examples, and personal stories.
  • Smart Start Garden Workbook. All of the worksheets, handouts, guides and checklists in one simple and beautiful digital package.
  • Smart Start Community Facebook Group. Join a group of enthusiastic, like minded gardeners in this supportive, fun, and private Facebook group just for class participants. Group support helps you stay on task, quickly troubleshoot problems, and get the answers you need to build a successful garden.
  • Personal Q&A with me! I’ll be participating in the Facebook group daily, so you can ask me any and all of your questions about gardening. I want to make sure you feel supported and successful throughout the whole class.

The Smart Start Digital Workbook:


My first attempt at vegetable gardening was overwhelming. Since learning Megan’s techniques to reduce weeds and ways to make the garden more accessible, I've been able to quadruple its size. This year I planted a bench in the middle of it all so I can sit and enjoy the view!
—Abby Ross

Why Me?

Over the past 12 years as a garden educator I’ve worked in gardens all over the country, created two popular gardening projects in my city, developed my own home gardens from scratch, and taught thousands of gardeners of all levels how to be more successful. Along the way I’ve developed my own signature system of garden design, planning and education. I know what works and my passion is sharing that knowledge with you! I like to strip things back to the basics so I can help you skip over the beginner mistakes and get more from your garden, sooner.

Megan has a unmistakable sincerity to equip others to be successful in their gardening efforts and to have fun doing it!
— Kelli George

During this class you’ll master simple techniques that lead to better results than you’ve ever gotten before. Get ready for your best season yet!

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There are lots of gardening books and information out there. Couldn’t I just learn this all by reading?

There is a plethora of garden information out there. One common complaint I hear from clients is that the information is often contradictory, confusing, and overwhelming to them. I’ve worked with thousands of gardeners of the years and I know what works and what doesn’t. I strongly believe that you need to master the basics first before your start getting caught up in unnecessary details. You don’t need to read a pile of gardening books – I’ve distilled the information for you!

Will you answer my questions about my own garden?

Yes! I’d love to. That’s why we’ll have a private Facebook group. I’ll be there every day to answer your garden questions, offer advice and insight, and help you build a garden that works for you.

What if I’m just starting a garden?

If you’re new to gardening then you’ve come to the right place! I’ll help you skip over the beginner mistakes that trip up most gardeners. Through this class you’ll be creating your garden right the first time. You’ll get great results right away instead of taking several years to understand the basics.

What if I already have a garden?
If you already have a garden you might feel ready for a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to reorganize it for more success. If you’ve been unhappy with your garden’s performance this class will help you identify what you may have done wrong and what can be improved.

How can I make time to participate in this workshop?
We’re all very busy and that’s one of the reasons I developed this workshop. You don’t have time to read tons of books, spend hours on the internet and take lots of classes trying to figure out how to create a successful garden. I’ve taken all of my knowledge and boiled it down to the essentials so you can learn quickly and then get to work building your garden. The modules are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week so you can take each one when it works for you.

Do I have enough computer experience to take this workshop?
If you know how to click on a link, enter a password, and press play then you have enough computer know-how for this workshop! If you have any trouble I will be here to help you.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?
Joining the private Facebook group adds a lot of value to the class experience. Participants share photos and stories, ask for input on garden problems and ask questions about the class material. That being said, it’s your decision whether you want to join the group. It’s not mandatory. If you aren’t a fan of Facebook you can always open a temporary account and delete it after the class.

How much time will it take me to complete the course content each week?
It all depends on how deeply you want to delve into the material and your own garden planning. You should be able to watch the lessons and do the homework in 1-2 hours per week. You might choose to do more as you get excited about the process!

If I discover the course isn’t right for me do you offer refunds?
I want to you to be happy with this class. If you watch all three lessons, complete all of the homework and still aren’t satisfied I will refund your money.

Registration is closed.

Get on the interest list here to find out when the next class kicks off!
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