Wish you were having more success in your garden?

You’re excited about gardening but sometimes it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Gardening can be so much fun. Except for when you’re not seeing results from all the time and energy you put into it.

Luckily, there’s always a few quick actions you can take to improve your results right away. I’ve worked with hundreds of gardeners over the years and I can discover what needs improvement as soon as I walk on to your property or start talking with you on the phone.

Whether you’re a brand new gardener trying to figure out how to begin or someone with several seasons under your belt, sometimes what you need is an experienced professional to help you figure things out.

During a one-on-one consultation, I give you personalized advice so you can create a garden that grows a lot of food, looks beautiful, and requires much less maintenance over the season.

My head is happily full of ideas and I am looking at my garden with fresh eyes now.
Sherri Shokler

Garden Consultations Include


  • One hour, in-person or virtual meeting. If you live in the Madison area I’ll come to make a visit to your garden site. If you live farther afield we’ll use video so I can take a look at your garden space and then we’ll tackle your garden plans over the phone (or video, too!).
  • Your gardening questions answered. Our session together is guided by your needs. You can ask me anything you’d like and I’ll help you come up with a plan for the season addressing your most pressing concerns and goals.
  • Some of the common issues I cover with gardeners during consultations are:
    • Using my solar pathfinder to locate the sunniest spots in your yard so you’re putting your garden in the best location. (In person only.)
    • Walking you step by step through how to create a brand new garden.
    • Talk about what you’d like to grow, figure out where it will do best, and discuss recommended crops and varieties.
    • Assessing your current garden and offering suggestions for improvement.
    • Sharing design ideas to make your garden a more beautiful part of your landscape.
    • Offering simple and practical solutions for common gardening mistakes (you’re probably making a few of them!).
    • Helping you focus on how to get more food from your garden with less work.
    • Work with you to create a personalized planting plan for the season.
  • Action Plan. During our meeting, we’ll create a custom list of garden to-do’s that will lead to immediate and long term results in your garden.
  • Follow-up questions answered over email. If you have questions that come up in regards to things we discussed in the consultation, you can shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you with some answers.
If we had try to do this ourselves we would have probably killed our trees and built our garden in the shade. We are so excited to see everything come to fruition this summer!
Leah Sugar
Megan helped my front yard garden dreams come true!
Lisa Schell

Don’t go through another season where it feels like you put more into your garden than you get back.  

You can have a garden that grows more food, requires less work over the long term, and is a beautiful part of your landscape.

Email megan [at] creativevegetablegardener.com to schedule your consultation today!


In what locations do you offer consultations?
I love to meet one-on-one with gardeners in the Madison, WI and surrounding area (Middleton, Monona, Deforest, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, McFarland, Verona, Fitchburg). If you live outside this region we can connect over the phone for a consultation (See below).

What if I’m just starting a garden?
If you’re new to gardening then a consultation is a perfect way to start! Instead of correcting design mistakes and reorganizing your garden later, I’ll give you professional advice about laying a good foundation. We can focus on design and installation tips and tricks so that you do it right the first time.

What if I already have a garden?
If you already have a garden you might feel ready for a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to reorganize your garden for more success. If you have been unhappy with your garden’s performance then we’ll address your issues and come up with some action items. A consultation is the time to get lots of your gardening questions answered! I’d love to help you take your gardening to the next level.

How long is a garden consultation?
We’ll meet in your garden for one hour. I find that one hour of information is about the perfect amount of time to discuss lots of ideas but not too much that you’ll feel overwhelmed. We can schedule another visits if you’d like to cover more topics.

What does a phone consultation entail?
We’ll chat by phone or Skype for one hour.  You’ll send me photos of your garden and a list of topics you’d like to talk about during our conversation. Or, if you want to get really fancy we can use video during the call and you can show me some things in your garden that you have questions about! While we won’t be meeting face to face in your garden, I can still offer lots of personalized advice and instruction over the phone.

When and how do I schedule my visit/call?
Email megan [at] creativevegetablegardener.com to schedule your consultation.


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