There's nothing like harvesting fresh veggies in the snow!

The key to having more fresh food right outside your door for more months of the year is to extend your garden season. And if you do it right, you can be harvesting delicious veggies for up to 10 months of the year, even if you live in a northern climate!

I live in Wisconsin, zone 5a, and every year I harvest food from my garden during most months of the year -without a heated greenhouse or any other expensive additions to my garden.

Imagine serving garden fresh produce straight from your yard for winter holiday dinners (I do it every year!).

With the right plan, you can grow and harvest cool season vegetables way past the first frosts of fall, into the darker months of winter, and then again in early spring when you start the gardening season earlier than you ever have before. You’ll amaze everyone you know when you’re harvesting delicious food from your yard during harsh weather, unexpected snowstorms, and unpredictable early spring weather.


Don't miss out on the best growing months of the year!

Sure, gardening in summer is fun, but it can also be challenging.  It’s the season we anxiously wait for as gardeners, but it’s often filled with disappointment and heartache. It feels like the weather just won’t cooperate, the list of insects that attack us and our gardens is endless, and things aren’t working out the way we expected.

But, what if I told you that gardening in the colder weather months of fall and winter is a completely different experience and it’s way easier.  Insects and diseases go into hibernation, weed growth is very slow, some frustrating vegetables (cilantro, arugula, spinach!) are much easier to grow in the cooler temperatures, and the gorgeous weather makes it a dream to work outside in your garden.

Don’t miss out on one of the best, and underutilized, seasons in the garden – the cold weather months. Imagine putting in way less effort for big harvests that carry you through to November and December and can last through to March and April of the next season.

Megan's classes have provided me with the resources, direction, organization, and encouragement to succeed in my garden. I have a tendency to jump in and learn by doing which can be fun, but also frustrating and sometimes costly. It's a lot more fun to succeed!
—Kelli George

  • Save Time
    Learn the best varieties to grow.
  • Motivate Yourself
    Create your calendar.
  • Get Results
    Tricks to keep the harvests going.
  • More food right outside your door for more months of the year!

    Harvesting Fresh Veggies in the Snow: Extending Your Garden Season features a series of how-to videos to watch at your own pace. They’re all filmed in my garden and walk you step by step through the process of planning, planting, and harvesting from your cold weather garden.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • what to plant and when to plant it in your area so you can create a personalized calendar to keep you on track with planting
    • easy vegetables to start with if you’re new to cold weather gardening and the story behind the vegetable that got me excited about the possibilities of extending my garden season
    • the best varieties for cold weather growing (and where to get them) to increase your chances of success
    • tips on getting seeds to germinate in the dry and hot summer months
    • how to use row cover, and build the exact low tunnels and cold frames I use if you want to keep your garden going into the coldest months of the year
    • behind the scenes harvest videos filmed in my garden as the season progresses to share what I’m growing and harvesting, including my epic Thanksgiving dinner harvest and my spring harvest after a snowstorm!
    • your questions answered in our Facebook group or in the virtual classroom because your success is important to me.
    • and, you have 24-hour access to this class every so you can rewatch it whenever you’d like.

    Most years I harvest from my garden in at least 10 months of the year in Wisconsin, zone 5a. This class is great for any gardeners in zones 3-7 who want to have many more harvests in one season.

You could do it yourself...

You could piece together how to have a fall garden on your own by

  • watching random Youtube videos
  • checking books out of your local library
  • exhaustive internet searches that lead you down various rabbit holes
  • trial and error over the next few years


Or, you can take advantage of my years of experience and

  • save time because I’ve boiled it down to just the essentials you need to know
  • get good results by following a clear plan
  • get more food from your garden for more months of the year
  • save money at the grocery store by eating from your own yard
  • improve your gardening skills by adding cold weather gardening to your toolkit


Click here to watch a sample video.

“It was easy for me to fit it into my schedule, on my timetable! It’s so smart for me to take classes online rather than running out to every class that takes up an entire morning or evening. I really, really, really enjoyed this experience!”
—Patricia Floyd
“I’m more intentional now and I feel like I’m set up for success with the class (without needing to leave my home, find a babysitter, or fit in the time to do a class elsewhere).”
— Patricia Espedal

You’re just steps away from harvesting fresh veggies in the snow! Join now and get started on your cold weather garden this season.


There are lots of gardening books and information out there. Couldn’t I just learn this all by reading?
There is a plethora of garden information out there. One common complaint I hear from gardeners in my community is that the information is often contradictory, confusing, and overwhelming to them. I’ve been experimenting with cold weather gardening for the last few years and I know what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need to read a pile of gardening books – I’ve distilled the information down to the essentials for you!

Tell me more about the video series.
This series is designed so you can watch it at your own pace, at a time that works for you. When you purchase the class you’ll create a login and password to use every time you want to watch the videos.  They’re stored on a website that’s easy to access and use.

Once you log in you’ll see a screen which lists all of the lessons for the class. You can work through them in order, or skip around if there are ones you’d like to watch over again. You can watch at your own pace whenever it fits into your schedule.

Will you answer my questions if I have some while taking the class?
Yes! I’m invested in your success and really want you to experience how awesome it is to grow veggies in the cold weather.  You can join a Facebook group I run for gardeners all over the world and post your questions there, or leave a question in the website that houses the videos and I’ll respond to you.

What’s the best time to start a cold weather garden?
In Madison, WI, I start planting my winter garden in July and end in September. Throughout September-December, I’m constructing my low tunnels and cold frames, harvesting from my garden, and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I usually start planting and harvesting again in early March as I set up my early spring garden and enjoy the food from last year’s fall garden.

What gardening zones is the class best for?
I’ve been gardening successfully in the cold weather months for several years in Wisconsin, zone 5a. If you live in zones 3-7 this class would be a great fit for you.

I don’t know if I have time for a class.
Over and over again people in our community have told me that the classes and books they’re purchased through my website have saved them time loads of time and led to greater successes. Why? Because I focus on giving you a clear plan to get started. Everything in my classes is practical, realistic, and actionable. I’ve boiled it all down to just the essentials you need to know, no fluff!

And think about this – spending less than an hour watching videos, creating a personalized calendar, and ordering seeds will help you grow more food for more months of the year, save you money at the grocery store this fall, and help you eat healthy, organic food right from your yard into the cold weather months. You’ll also stop wasting so much time on fruitless internet searches that yield conflicting information.


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