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Cheap World Travel Chile

Me on a favorite hike in Chile two years ago.

A year and a half ago, my husband and I were on a long car ride to visit family. As often happens when we’re relaxing in the car we start to dream and plan. Our conversation turned to travel and I said, “Honey, we have so many frequent flier miles right now that we can go anywhere in the world.” He immediately said, “Let’s go to New Zealand.” Yes!!

Little did we know that we’d have to plan way ahead by booking our tickets 11 months in advance of our travel dates. We did that last January and then packed the trip into the back of our minds. Well, it’s finally 11 months later and by the time you read this blog post we’ll finally be on our way to the Southern Hemisphere. It’s our second time in that half of the world. And our favorite thing about visiting at this time of year is that we’ll get to celebrate the summer solstice for the second time in 2015!

We’re not big trip planners, we like to wing it most days, but we do have a few things firmed up. We’ve booked a three night hike in the mountains over Christmas, we’ll be seeing glaciers for the first time ever, we’ve got our eyes on a few bike trails, and of course we’ll be visiting gardens and farmers markets as much as possible.

I’ll be posting trip photos on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you follow me if you want to catch a glimpse of summer in New Zealand.  I have a few posts scheduled to come your way while I’m gone and you’ll be getting a free gift in the next post, so keep your eyes on your inbox. (I guess I feel badly for leaving you behind?! I’m trying to make it up to you with bribery.)

In the meantime, if you’re in the mood to do some armchair traveling, I’ve written about some of our past adventures here on the blog:

And, if you really want to dig deep, I kept a blog while I was volunteering for a fair trade organization in Africa three years ago.

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Learn How to Get Better Results.

Let's start with talking about the top 5 mistakes most gardeners make.
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