The Blog Posts You Liked Most This Year + Thanks!

Top Vegetable Garden Blog Posts

Dearest blog reader, I’m so grateful you’ve joined me in the grand adventure that is gardening this year. This blog is a community. We’re people who enjoy real food, pursue a connection with nature, and seek the satisfaction that comes from creating things with our own hands.  Thanks for reading my words, offering your comments and questions, and making the effort to carve out time in your own life for your garden.

According to you, here are the top 5 most read blog posts of 2014:

  1. A Popular Seed Starting Questions Answered: Soil Mixes
  2. Prepare Your Pantry for Winter
  3. Building Our New Garden and Part 2
  4. Chicago Garden Destinations for the Traveling Gardener 
  5. My January in Chile 

My passion is educating and encouraging you to successfully grow your own food and get the most from your garden. I’ll be back to do it all again next year, and I hope you will too. I have some exciting things on the horizon for early 2015, including a re-brand, website redesign, and a new garden planning class that will launch in January.

Until then, I wish you a peaceful, loving and fun holiday season. I hope you take some time to revel in the joyful celebrations as well as the deep quiet of the darkest night of year. I’ll be hosting family at my house for Christmas and then heading to the Upper Peninsula of MI for a few days of cross country skiing and hanging out with friends in a cabin tucked into the woods.

See you next year!

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