The Stunning Beauty of Vegetables

Early mornings in the garden with my camera are one of the great pleasures of my life. So often when we look at our gardens we notice the weeds poking up alongside the peppers, the spent beans that need to be pulled, or the spinach that still needs to be mulched. We see the work that needs to be done and the things that aren’t going right.

Stepping behind the camera lens allows me to put that all aside for awhile and simply revel in the beauty that is my garden. I walk around looking only for what is good and right – a simple combination of flowers that pops with color, a newly forming electric purple eggplant, dew on the sprouting kale.

This communion with my garden sparks joy in my soul and gratefulness in my heart. The privilege of growing my own food on my own plot of land, and doing it so beautifully, is one of the most profoundly moving parts of my life. At these moments there is no place in the world I’d rather be.


This week, I hope you take a few moments to bask in the beauty that is the late summer vegetable garden. Whether you take your cup of tea or coffee out to your garden, play around with taking photos, or just sit and watch what’s happening in that little world, grab hold of a moment of beauty that you can come back to in the middle of a cold winter’s day.

Here are some of the scenes that have captured my attention lately in my garden.

Vegetable Garden Beauty

Vegetable Beauty

Attractive Vegetables

Beautiful Vegetable Garden

Beautiful Vegetable

Beautiful Vegetables

Colorful Garden Vegetables

Colorful Harvest

Practice shoot for the cover of Super Easy Food Preserving

Colorful Vegetables


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