Welcome to the bonus page for the Smart Start Garden Planner!

Thank you so much for ordering a copy of my book. I sincerely hope it inspires you to have fun planning your garden this season.

Below you’ll find copies of the worksheets in the book, bonus videos, and other resources to help you delve deeper into planning your garden.


If you’re like me and don’t like to write in your book, here are all of the worksheets in a printable format.

Spring Planting Schedule, pg. 93

Veggie Essentials Cheat Sheet, pg. 124

Garden Reflection, pg. 11

My Garden Vision For This Year, pg. 13

What Do I Want to Grow?, pg. 15

My Vegetable List, pg. 17

Seed & Plant Shopping List, pg. 59


Bonus Videos

Bringing It All Together, pg. 51
In this video, I share how I use the Veggie Essentials categories to decide whether or not winter squash and kale are “worth it” to grow in my garden.
Find the video here.

Tips for Ordering Seeds, pg. 70
I share the four-step process you can use to avoid overwhelm when ordering your seeds for the upcoming season.
Find the video here.

How to Create Your Garden Map, pg. 113
In this video, I give you a tour around my garden recordkeeping system.
Find the video here.

You can find many more videos on my Youtube channel.


How-To Video Series

I have seven different how-to video series that guide you through specific seasonal topics so you can build your skills and learn how create a more beautiful and abundant garden.

You can read more about them here.


Radio Shows

I’ve been a guest on several different podcasts lately where I’ve had fun chatting about garden planning. Listening to some of them is a great way to delve deeper into the book and your own garden planning.

Still Growing Podcast – Jennifer, the host of this podcast, is a thorough interviewer! I could tell she closely read my book by the thoughtful questions she asked me during our time together.

Down the Garden Path Radio – The host, Joanne Shaw, is a landscape architect in Ontario. She isn’t traditionally a big vegetable gardener, so it was interesting to hear her impressions of the book. She loved it! Hear about her favorite parts and hear some of the behind the scenes scoops from me.

Urban Farm U Podcast – I share my failures and my successes, what drives me to continue to garden year after year, and advice for every gardener as you plan your garden for the season.

Vegetarian Zen Podcast – The hosts are a hoot and super fun to talk with. Hear about my favorite tips for planning your garden and listen as I give them a pep talk about their Texas garden this year!

Organic Gardener Podcast – Jackie and I chatted about how to reflect on last year’s garden, what we’re excited to grow this year in our gardens, how to incorporate flowers for a more beautiful vegetable garden, how to choose the best varieties for your garden, the veggie essentials you need to know, and how to keep simple records.

Mike the Gardener Podcast – Interviews with Mike are done “face to face” on video, which was a fun change from only audio. We chat about trying new vegetable and flower varieties, planning to determine how much food your garden can produce, storing vegetables in your basement, and seed starting.


Book Reviews

The book has been getting a lot of press from garden bloggers and journalists. Find out some of the backstory of the book and what other gardeners’ have loved about it.

This book helps even novice gardeners plan an awesome garden – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

These simple gardening tips can drastically improve your garden – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Book Review: Smart Start Garden Planner – The Freckled Rose Blog


Blog Posts About Garden Planning

I’ve written lots of posts aimed at helping you create a smart plan for your garden. You can see them all here.


The Next Step

Once you have your garden planned, the next step is to try your hand at starting seeds at home. Starting your own seeds helps you save money, allows you to grow unique and colorful varieties you can’t find anywhere else, and it’s fun! If you’re new to seed starting, or have some experience but think you could do better, check out my how-to video series, Super Easy Seed Starting.



If you have questions, comments, or anything you want to share about your experiences planning your garden with the Smart Start Garden Planner, leave me a note through one of my social media channels which are linked in the footer below.







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