Experience the excitement and satisfaction of successfully growing your own plants at home

Starting seeds is a special part of the gardening experience. There’s nothing that quite compares to watching a tiny seed planted with your own hands grow into a healthy seedling ready to be planted outside in your garden.

It allows you to be a part of the whole amazing journey of gardening – from seed to sprout to mature plant to the colorful harvest.

You can also grow more plants for less money, start the gardening season early, choose interesting and colorful varieties not found in your local nursery, and experience the satisfaction of learning a new skill.

But, when you don’t know the best practices, seed starting can be frustrating and costly. You’ll have seeds that didn’t germinate and you won’t know why, you’ll waste time trying to Google your way out of roadblocks, and something that should be a fun start to spring will feel more like a waste of time.

Whether you’re new to seed starting and don’t know where to begin, or you’ve got some experience but could use help refining your process, the Super Easy Seed Starting how-to video series will save you time by simplifying seed starting and help you achieve excellent results this year.

  • Save Money
    Grow more plants for less money
  • Save Time
    Exactly what you need to know
  • More Fun
    Grow unique varieties
  • Here's what the how-to video series covers:

    Super Easy Seed Starting is a how-to video series you’ll watch at your own pace and includes printable handouts, templates, and checklists. They’re all filmed in my own seed starting laboratory (a.k.a. my house) and walk you step by step through the process of starting and caring for your own seeds at home.

    Each video is a bite-sized lesson focused on a specific learning topic or action you need to take. Plus, you get lifetime access, so you can re-watch the series every year.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How to create a personalized planting calendar: a fill-in template you can customize with dates for your own location.
    • All about seeds: which vegetables you should start from seed, best places to buy seeds, well-performing varieties, how long seeds last, and what conditions seeds need to germinate.
    • Simple plans for an easy to assemble seedling rack (no tools needed). Includes links to the exact supplies I use and a supplies checklist.
    • Essential seed starting supplies: my favorite trays, cells, and flats, what to look for in a soil mix, how to make simple plant labels, and how to use a germination chamber for better results.
    • Step-by-step instructions for starting seeds and how to expertly care for them once they’re growing
    • Instructions on how to harden off your seedlings before they go into the garden.

You could do it yourself...

You could piece together how to start seeds on your own by

  • watching random Youtube videos
  • checking books out of your local library
  • exhaustive internet searches that lead you down various rabbit holes
  • trial and error over the next few years


Or, you can take advantage of my years of experience and

  • save time because I’ve boiled it down to just the essentials you need to know
  • get good results by following a clear plan
  • learn a new skill that will save you money in your gardening budget


Click here to watch a sample video.

I built my seed starting rack and hung the lights. I've started onions and sweet peppers. I have my additional plantings all scheduled out. I'm quite certain I could not have taken this on without your guidance.
Kelli George
I'm thrilled to say that I've reconnected with seeds through this video series. I've loved the process in the past, and then I took the short cut of buying most of my plants. Long story short, this year I started kale, leeks, onions, tomatoes, peppers, chard, and chinese cabbage!
Penny Andrews

Make this the year you save money, grow more interesting and unique varieties, and have fun successfully starting your own plants at home. Once you master the basics it’s an easily repeatable process year after year!


Tell me more about the video series.

This series is designed so you can watch it at your own pace, at a time that works for you. When you purchase the class you’ll create a login and password to use every time you want to watch the videos.  They’re stored on a website that’s easy to access and use.

If you have any questions about the material and about seed starting, you can post questions on that website for me to answer, or come on over to the Creative Gardeners Facebook group and ask away!

What if I’m just starting out with seed starting?
If you’re just starting out then this how-to video series is for you! I walk you step by step through everything you need to know to skip over the beginner mistakes and successfully start seeds.

What’s the best time to start seeds?
In zone 5a where I live (Madison, WI) my seed starting begins with onions at the end of February and continues through early April. There’s a worksheet in the class to help you figure out the best seed starting timeline for your location.

Do I need any fancy tools to build a seedling rack?
No. The design I use requires you to purchase supplies for the rack, but you are assembling it more than building it. The only tool you might need is a wire cutter to cut the chains for the lights.

What if I have questions about seed starting while watching the how-to videos?
You can leave questions for me in the classroom or come on over to the free Facebook group I run for gardeners all over the world. Request to join here. As a garden educator, your success is important to me!

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