Save time preserving your tomatoes with this quick hack

preserving tomatoes

There’s nothing quite like pulling out a container of your own tomatoes to throw into a recipe in the middle of winter.  Jarred and canned tomato sauce from the supermarket can’t hold a candle to the bursting flavor of tomatoes grown in your own garden and preserved for use in delicious meals in the off-season. (I’ve done the taste test! Mine wins every time.)

But, you might think preserving tomatoes means boiling hot liquid, marathon canning sessions, and a large kitchen cleanup.

Sure, you can preserve your tomatoes this way, but you don’t have to.

When I lived on a farm many years ago I learned the laborious process of boil canning tomatoes. We spent many weeks during the summer sweating in the outdoor kitchen while we canned jars and jars of tomatoes from the large garden. It was miserably hot work.

And for a few years after leaving the farm I just accepted that this is how you preserved tomatoes.

Until one day, when I stopped and realized how much work this was. Each summer I would dread my tomato canning sessions and push them off as long as possible. “There’s got to be another way.” I thought to myself.

And I have good news — there is!

How to Save Time Preserving Tomatoes

tomato preserving

If you have freezer space, and I highly recommend you invest in a chest freezer if you’re a gardener, the best and quickest way to preserve tomatoes is to freeze them.

You can chop, cook down, and freeze tomatoes with very little work. You don’t need to set aside a whole day over the weekend. An hour or less in the evening should do it.

I’ll show you the entire (simple!) process step-by-step in the below video and then share how I use my frozen tomatoes throughout the winter. In fact, I haven’t bought a tomato product from the store in many, many years.

I love this way of preserving tomatoes, and I think you will, too, if you try it out this summer.

Love having me walk you through food preserving step by step? There are plenty more videos in the Super Easy Food Preserving Masterclass. I take you behind the scenes into my kitchen and garden to show you how I preserve each vegetable and herb using simple methods that will save you time and money this season.

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