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Introduction to Extending Your Harvest with a Fall Garden Free Mini-Course

Jump right in here with the first video!

Intro: Hear About Why Growing a Fall Garden is So Easy!


Lesson 1: Best 5 Veggies to Start With

Download the handout for this video here.


Lesson 2: What’s Possible with a Fall Garden – Harvesting For Thanksgiving Dinner!


Lesson 3: How to Find Room for Fall Plantings + Best Varieties to Plant


Lesson 4: Create Your Sample Fall Planting Calendar

Download your Fall Planting Calendar Template here.


Closing Video: How to Get Started on Your Fall Garden Plantings

I’d love to have you join me in learning how to grow more food in your garden for more months of the year!

Harvesting Fresh Veggies in the Snow Masterclass


Bonus Video: Tour of My Spring Plantings on a Snowy Day in April 

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