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September is super easy food preserving month!


My new ebook has been out for almost two weeks and people all over the country are loving it!
Here are some of the reviews so far:


“We love Super Easy Food Preserving! We’re excited to put it to use for our bumper crop of tomatoes, kale and collards.” ~ Abbie Steiner, Boston, MA

“We LOVE your book – it is awesome!!!  We will use it lots and lots. I love the little icon on the top of each page that let’s you know where you store the food – great idea.” ~ Megan Kenney, Madison, WI

“Your book really inspires me!  I consider myself a person with discerning food tastes and I enjoy cooking. But, canning just seems too overwhelming and I am not willing to pay top dollar for out of season produce at Whole Foods during the winter.  Your tips and instructions make it so easy to put away the highest quality ingredients now.  It’s really a no-brainer.” ~ Elizabeth Ellen, Philadelphia, PA


To celebrate all of the awesome feedback I’m receiving I’d like to give away 3 free packages to blog readers (one of each of the levels as seen on the website).

To enter, leave your answer to the question below in the comments under this post. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, September 13, 8:00pm CT.

Why is preserving food important to you? Or, why would you like to preserve food if you don’t right now?

Good luck!


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  • I like to preserve food because, without having a greenhouse, it’s how we can continue to enjoy food grown in our own garden throughout the year.

  • I’m preserving more & more of my own food for 2 reasons – maybe 3. First, I’m getting more & more suspicious of all the chemicals in the food we purchase. Second, the economy is getting so bad, and as a retired person with fixed income, I’m doing all I can to save money. Third, It’s fun!!

  • Food preserving means I eat super-local food all year round—no need to buy produce from halfway around the world in the middle of a Wisconsin winter.

  • I wish I had preserved more this year. I get so desperate for fresh vegetables in the late winter and spring and then in the summer and fall it seems like so much work. Plus I don’t have all the equipment. I’d love to learn more about preserving. Not to mention the money it saves in groceries.

  • It’s good to know where this food came from, and to put it away for winter knowing what’s in the food we eat. I like the simplicity of preserving food — it’s not easy, but it is simple.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Dream Bank on Wednesday for an in-person dose of Megan!

  • I indulge in my love for my gardening and foraging every day from snow-melt to snow-fall, and even through the frozen crust of snow sometimes! To quote my kids from when they were young, I heard them say that they were glad when Winter came because that’s when Mom finally came back inside to cook! We enjoyed many delights in our kitchen, and generated wonderful memories along the way. I preserve my garden’s provisions so that I can continue enjoying my relationship with the garden’s Space and Process mindfully, with joy, gratitude, and a sense of assurance, warmth and HOPE through the undeniable dark months. It’s very delightful be drawn inside, to warm the hearts of my family and friends with gifts crafted from the garden’s wondrous abundance, preserved to share in savory ways. The garden and its bounty nourishes our souls through the all seasons.

  • Erin Kennedy

    I preserve food to avoid wasting anything from my garden and to eat healthy, chemical-free food that hasn’t traveled hundreds of miles. I love sitting down to a meal and knowing a large percent of it came from my garden!

  • Preserving food is important to us because it allows us to enjoy chemical-free, local produce year round. It ensures nothing from our garden or CSA is wasted, and we save a bunch of money by not having to buy many food staples. Plus there’s just something so satisfying about preserving food ourselves. We love it!

  • Preserving food is important to us because it allows us to enjoy chemical-free, local produce year-round. It ensures that nothing from our garden or CSA is wasted, and it’s saved us a considerable amount of money. There’s just something so satisfying about preserving food ourselves. We love it!

  • judy matteson

    I love growing food but I always end up with more than I can use even after giving some away to neighbors & friends. Its a lot of work canning & freezing but I really enjoy doing it. Just seeing all the jars on the shelves with food I grew myself is worth all the work. I know the food is healthy without all the additives store bought food contains.

  • I love eating local food all year long. In Wisconsin, that means you just have to put some stuff in the freezer unless you are willing to eat nothing but storage beets and rutabagas from January until the salad greens are ready.

  • Michelle Taschek

    It is so satisfying to have grown plants from seed, water and tend them until harvest. Having a bounty of fresh organic vegetables is truly rewarding! I just love being able to share and save the harvest to enjoy all year. I would love the book for more ways to put them up!

  • I love preserving for so many reasons—but mostly because it allows me to preserve foods I grow in my own garden, foods to enjoy throughout the following year both here at home and by sharing those things with others. There’s also the plain old sense of accomplishment. All of those jars waiting to seal on the counter and, better yet, lined up in the pantry, just look so marvellous and always make me smile!

  • Preserving food is important to me because it is a good way for me to provide my family with great food very affordably. I’ve been canning applesauce and other fruits for years, but this year for the first time I have a large garden, and thus an abundance of veggies. I don’t have a pressure canner, so I’m looking forward to learning other ways (besides freezing) to preserve and use veggies throughout the winter.

  • Last winter I craved veggies. Not sure if it was due to the polar vortex or the fact that we weren’t eating very well but all I wanted was a fresh salad! With three young boys eating veggies is essential, but we also try to save money so we tend not to buy fresh veggies in the winter.

  • I want to start preserving food so my family can savor the richness of the summer soil during the cold dark months of winter. I expect this organic produce will light up our meals!

  • Preserving food ensures that I can provide myself and my family with local organic food year around. With the high cost of food, I made a commitment this year to grow as much of our own food as possible. So far this investment has turned out better than expected. So I’ve been scrambling to learn to preserve everything. It’s healthy for us and healthy for the earth. Gardening and preserving food has given me a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • I like to preserve food mostly for the flavor. I crave fresh tomato and berry flavors year-round, not just in the summer. Food just tastes better when it has been preserved fresh from the chemical-free garden. What a sense of accomplishment, too, to open a jar of freezer jam in February knowing that I made it myself!

  • I love to preserve my own food because I know where it came from and it tastes so much better than store bought. I lpve that I can go to rhe basement or freezer and grab what I need instead of running to the store. Also, I appreciate how much money it saves my family.

  • I would like to preserve food so that I have home-grown things on hand when I want to make a meal for our family. Knowing where my food comes from and having things like chopped veggies, fruits, homemade tomato or pizza sauce, or other ingredients to use for recipes is important to me.

  • Food preserving is important to me because I have two young kids and the quality is so much better than store bought food I can purchase. For me it’s about raising my children to know where good comes from (something I was not raised in even though my mother was) and how to grow it, cook it, save it. We need it as a family and as a Wisconsin resident. Thanks for writing this book.

  • A freezer full of green beans, corn, and roasted tomatoes, and a pantry stocked with jars of tomatoes and pickles makes my life so much easier! The gardening I do makes me happy but it’s the produce that feeds me. I started doing it just for fun but I keep doing it because it keeps me healthy, helps my budget, and makes me proud that I can participate in the world in a contributory way (not just be a taker) and take care of myself.

  • I preserve so I know what is in my food, and also so we can eat foods out of season. I only preserve things I have grown, or purchased locally, which I love too.

    • Fresh, homegrown is the best, I know what I am providing my family. I love the feeling of accessing this food throughout the winter and remembering what all went into producing this food.

    • Heather – Congrats! You won the Productive Fall + Kitchen Package. I’ll be sending you an email directly.

  • Food motivates me to preserve it. Each day I think of how food is so essential but too often neglected or unvalued. Yet, it is the delicous flavors and nourishment that the products of my garden (and of those gardens whose owners are successful and generous/tired of preserving), that motivate me to preserve food. For my future nourishment, enjoyment, and avoiding feelings of neglect to food, food which has had so much resources (time,nutrients,labor) invested in it. This is why I preserve.

  • I like to preserve food to have my delicious garden vegetables and fruits available to me in the dead of winter. I also like to do it to save money when I can take advantage of discounted produce from the store.

  • because can’t beat the quality, the winter produce is very expensive, and 3. my kids eat a lot

  • Because food preservation promotes human health and environmental health.

  • Always a joy to find a ‘new’ tidbit to put in my gardening file. Fact – you can teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks ~ I enjoy your style and down-to-earth easy facts. Keep reaching out to us ~ thanks.

  • The only thing comparable to the love and joy of watching my garden grow and the living creatures it attracts to my yard is being able to take something out of the freezer or pantry for a meal and smiling because I can say “I made that”. Secondly, I just averted a trip to the grocery store, yeah! In such a disposable and throw away society, I feel compelled to not be so wasteful. I choose canning over any other preserving technique, but only due to lack of knowledge of other methods. Time is of the essence and any advice on time saving tips or methods would be super beneficial for increasing my inventory. That means more for me and more to share 🙂

  • Congrats to Sara, Heather and Emily! They each won one of the Super Easy Packages. I will be contacting each of you directly. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts on food preserving with us!

  • sally mathews

    -I think my own food tastes better.
    -I know how fresh the food is that I store myself.
    -I know what is in my food, and what is not in it.
    -I like the security of having food on the shelf and in the freezer, in case there is a food shortage (or a perceived food shortage).
    -I like to be as self-sufficient as possible.
    -Locally produced food is good for the environment.
    -I make the best jam I have ever tasted.
    -I have pleasant memories of looking at the rows of canned fruit and vegetables in my parents’ and grandparents’ cellars.
    -All of the above make me happy.

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