Front Yard Vegetable Garden Expansion

Expand front yard vegetable garden

In the last post we left off with a big pile of soil dumped in my driveway.

When we first moved into our new house this summer I installed raised beds near the street because I like presenting a neat and tidy aesthetic in an area that’s highly visible. But, since we have room for more beds than the seven I installed, I decided to expand the garden towards the house before winter.

I wanted to experiment with building an herb spiral to offset the hard lines of the raised beds. I did a little research online to decide on style and technique. Then I went to a local re-use store and hauled home a load of beautifully colored bricks. The building went fairly quickly, I had to re-do it once to get it right.

how to build an herb spiral

To further soften the boxiness of the raised beds I designed the rest of the garden with slightly curved beds radiating out from the spiral.

front yard garden herb spiral

We used all of our lumber earlier this summer, so I to created mounded raised beds. They are less expensive than traditional raised beds because you don’t have to purchase wood, and you can form more organic shapes which was what I wanted for this part of the design.

I used a measuring tape and stakes and twine to lay out the footprint of the garden beds. Then I layed cardboard over the grass and dumped wheelbarrows of soil to form the beds. I also put cardboard in the aisles between the beds.

Mounded raised garden beds

Front yard raised vegetable beds

I built five beds and then mulched around and between them with a thick layer of woodchips. (I had to take a break of a few days in between, so I mulched the first two beds with hay after I finished them.)

How to build a front yard garden

How to expand your front yard vegetable garden

The last three beds were ready right at garlic planting time. How could we not plant into those fresh, fluffy beds? We planted 240 cloves of three different varieties of garlic: an old no name mix of ours, a porcelain variety, and Romanian Red.

planting garlic in your front yard vegetable garden

Even though new beds always look so beautifully dark and rich I always cover them with hay so they aren’t eroded and compacted by wind and rain.

Mulching front yard vegetable garden beds

In a matter of days our front yard garden went from this…

build your own front yard vegetable garden

to this…

build your own front yard garden

They won’t get much use until next spring, but now I know how much space I have to plan for next year.

And, it’s not over yet. There was still a hefty pile of soil in our driveway. I got it delivered there so we’d have to deal with it before winter. So, we moved over to garden building on the side of the house. You can read phase 3 here.

If you missed phase one it’s here.

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