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I’ve developed several free mini-courses to help you start to dive into to topics you want to learn more about and add to your gardening toolbox.

Getting Started Growing Herbs in Your Garden

Herbs are one of the most “worth it” plants to grow in your garden.

They’re easy, many of them are perennial and come back year after year, they save you money at the grocery store, and a pinch of herbs can elevate your dinner dish to something extra delicious.

While teaching thousands of gardeners over the years one thing I’ve learned is that most people are either not growing many herbs or under-utilizing the herbs they do grow.

This free mini-course features 5 videos + worksheets to help you:

  • Learn why growing herbs is SO easy and worth it!
  • How to choose which herbs to grow in your garden.
  • Where to plant your herbs so they’ll be successful.

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Get Started Stocking Your Pantry for Winter

On a cold winter evening there’s nothing quite like using produce you put away yourself during the growing season.

This free mini-course features 5 videos + worksheets to help you:

  • Deconstruct your favorite meals to set your food preserving priorities
  • Explore 4 quick and easy options for preserving food (besides canning!)
  • Discover delicious ideas for featuring your preserved food in healthy recipes all winter long

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Introduction to Extending Your Harvest with a Fall Garden

With the right plan you can grow and harvest cool season vegetables way past the first frosts of fall into the darker months of winter.

You’ll amaze everyone you know when you’re harvesting delicious food from your yard during harsh weather and unexpected snowstorms.

This free mini-course features 5 videos + worksheets to help you:

  • Learn why growing a fall garden is SO easy!
  • Find out my recommendations for the best 5 veggies to start with
  • Get excited about what’s possible with a fall garden when I give you a tour of all of the vegetables I harvest for Thanksgiving dinner
  • Discover how to find room in your garden for fall plantings + the best varieties to grow
  • Create a sample fall planting calendar to get you started

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Other ways to jump in…

Redbor Kale Vegetable Garden

Me, with a ginormous kale plant I grew. I have no idea how it got so big, and I’ve never had one like that since.


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