How to Use Flowers for a More Colorful Vegetable Garden

flowers for the vegetable garden

Vegetable gardens are ugly. This is a commonly held belief by a lot of people. Or, at least, vegetable gardens aren’t as pretty as perennial gardens. They should be hidden in your backyard and you should save your front yard for growing trees, shrubs, and flowers.

One of my missions is to bust this misconception! You can have a vegetable garden that produces a lot of food and is beautiful to look at. In fact, you can even feature your vegetable garden as a focal point of your entire landscape. I do!

My house sits on a very visible corner of my neighborhood and my vegetable garden wraps around the front and side of my house. Every single person who walks, bikes, or drives by my house instantly knows that a vegetable gardener lives here.

And, my garden shows that growing vegetables can be gorgeous and tasty.

What’s my secret?

I plant lots and lots of flowers among my vegetables. Annuals are my flowers of choice, although I also plant spring bulbs in my vegetable beds for some early season color.

Tucking flowers throughout your garden will add colorful pops of beauty to draw the eye into and around the space, attract tons of beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, and impress your neighbors because they’ve never seen a vegetable garden looking so good!

Late summer and early fall is the peak of color in my garden, so in this month’s garden tour I thought I’d focus on how to use flowers for a more colorful vegetable garden and highlight some of my favorite varieties and combinations.

Tune in below!

How to Use Flowers for a More Colorful Vegetable Garden

flowers for a more colorful vegetable garden

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  • Joan Judnic

    Hi Megan! I attended a lunch and learn session you conducted here at Wind River a few weeks ago. It was a fabulous session. I enjoyed learning about your garden, joined your blog and took many ideas home for my husband and I to apply to our garden! I am also on the Garden Committee here at Wind river. We are interested in creating an arch in/over our raised beds next to our building here at Wind River but I am not sure which gauge to purchase for the wire fencing. Can you help with this? Thanks Megan. Happy gardening!

    Joan Judnic

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Learn How to Get Better Results.

Let's start with talking about the top 5 mistakes most gardeners make.
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