Get more out of every minute you spend in your garden.

Growing your own food is a life-changing experience. And the act of gardening should feel like a grand adventure every single season. One that excites you, brings you joy and encourages you to see your favorite hobby in new and different ways.

If you’re ready to inject some new energy into how you approach your garden, it’s time to join us in the Flavorful Life Garden Club.

We’ll help you stay on track so you don’t miss opportunities, support you in becoming a better and more confident gardener, teach you how to produce abundant harvests, encourage you to have more fun by experimenting and trying new things, and show you how to have a garden that’s not only bursting with produce, but with color and beauty as well.

I’ve gardened for a very long time and I pretty much always do the same thing every year.

The club helps me approach my garden a little differently. I change things up, try new approaches, and just infuse more fun into the process.

- Colleen O'Hara

I believe our vegetable gardens are about more than feeding our bodies, they’re also about feeding our souls.

When we tap into this idea that our vegetable garden can feed our soul, we start to see how to enjoy our garden all along the way, not just at harvest time.

Every garden and its gardener is unique. My mission with the Flavorful Life Garden Club is to help you cultivate an enthusiasm for experimentation and fun so you get more back from the precious time you invest in your garden.

I hope to inspire you to seek more color, more energy, more flavor, and more beauty every day.

When you do, you’ll find that your garden will awaken you. You’ll start to garden – and live – in full color again.

Eventually, you’ll wake up one day and realize that you have the garden you’ve always wanted that connects you to a deep happiness you can’t quite imagine your life without.

Enjoy the process.

Truly learning how to deeply enjoy gardening takes more than just reading one book or taking a class. It’s something that slowly builds week by week, and season by season as you learn new things and then apply them to your own garden.

The Flavorful Life Garden Club focuses on helping you make your garden a source of vibrant, ongoing joy and pleasure in your life.

We save you time by simplifying the gardening process so you can dedicate more time to the parts of gardening (and life) that you love and enjoy.

Your success is important! We set you up to reap big rewards so that it feels satisfying and worthwhile.

That’s what the Flavorful Life Garden Club is designed for – to help you embrace the gardening lifestyle and get more out of every minute you spend growing and enjoying your food.

I’m more intentional now and I feel like I’m set up for success with the club (without needing to leave my home, find a babysitter, or fit in the time to do a class elsewhere).

- Patricia Espedal

Why It Works

Learn at your own pace

Fit the learning around your busy schedule. You can log into the online classroom at any time and delve into the topics at your own pace.

Bite-sized learning

There’s no fluff! I’ve taken my years of experience, distilled it down to what really works, and pass it on to you through videos and handouts. Each video in the classroom is less than six minutes long!

Make better and smarter decisions

The emails and videos you receive each month will keep you focused on taking timely action in your garden so you’re seeing better results and having more success.



Real-time advice

I share tips and learning with you in real-time – right as it’s happening in my own garden. Everything we learn in the club is rooted in my personal experience of being a gardener for many years.

Ongoing learning

The club is dedicated to your ongoing improvement as a gardener, not just one successful yield in your garden. Each season presents its own lessons and challenges as you hone and develop your skills. You slowly transform into a “master” gardener and fall in love with it more every year.

A passionate community

Gardening is more fun when it’s a shared with a community of equally passionate gardeners. You can brag about your successes, cry about your failures, moan about the weather, and share your hard won secrets with others. There’s no better way to learn than sharing your triumphs and trials with the other gardeners in our Facebook group.


What’s included in your Garden Club membership?

Each season we’ll focus on exactly what you need to know to be successful in that season. The seasons build upon one another (just like in your garden!) to create a complete toolkit of skills that will set you up for a more joyful gardening experience.

· Monthly Community Learning Challenges

Each month we explore a timely topic together as a group.

  • Coming up in April – Set Yourself Up for Success This Spring
    Everything you need to know about the best timing for planting, how to easily and quickly prep your garden beds, tips for planting seeds and plants, choosing the best varieties for your garden, tips for growing tricky vegetables like onions, carrots, and cilantro, and more!
  • Future topics are voted on by club members!

· Learning Library

over 120 how-to videos on your favorite topics. Watch at any time and learn at your own pace.

  • Smart Garden Planning for Spring
    Create your own personalized blueprint for what a successful season in your garden looks like.
  • Super Easy Seed Starting
    Series of fun videos that walks you through the entire process of starting seeds from setting up your rack and lights to troubleshooting common problems.
  • Setting Up for Success in Spring
    Everything you need to know about the best timing for planting, how to easily and quickly prep your garden beds, tips for planting seeds and plants, choosing the best varieties for your garden, tips for growing tricky vegetables like onions, carrots, and cilantro, and more!
  • Make Your Garden Beautiful
    How to add more color, beauty, and joy to your garden with simple and easy design ideas.
  • How to Build Healthy Soil
    Learn the nutrients plants need to grow, how to submit and interpret a soil test, and steps to take to improve soil health.
  • Common Pests & Diseases
    Learn how to identify and control the most common pests and diseases in an organic garden.
  • Super Easy Food Preserving
    Learn how to quickly & easily put food away to make your garden harvests last all year.
  • Extending Your Garden’s Season
    Learn the exciting options for extending your harvest season into the cold days of winter.
  • Preparing Your Garden for Winter
    Completing these critical tasks will help set you up for a much easier spring season.
  • And more!
    Harvesting Tips, Maintenance, Vegetable Growing Tips, Garden Tours, Spring Planting Techniques. New videos added each month.

· Bonus Resources

Fun bonsuses to keep it fresh, change it up, make the gardening lifestyle even richer.

  • eBooks
    Smart Start Garden Planner, Super Easy Seed Starting, Super Easy Food Preserving, Essential Guide to Growing Onions, Essential Guide to Growing Red Peppers, Essential Guide to Grow Garlic, Seasonal Recipe Guides.
  • Community Activities
    Seed Swaps, Local Garden Tours, Art Projects, Prizes, and more!!

· Community Support

You have some place to go when you need help and encouragement.

  • Get your questions answered through our online classroom
  • Share your beautiful pictures and talk to the best group of gardeners around in our Facebook group
  • Get daily help and support from Megan whenever you need it – I care about your success!

Membership in the garden club is the best way to get excited about your garden this year!

The club makes gardening easy because you walk through all the steps with an experienced gardener and teacher. All those little questions that arise can be answered. It’s like having a kind guide looking over my shoulder, encouraging and guiding me along the way. 

- Jenny Carr

I love your lessons! Very simple in explanation, but very complex as far as how they stimulate my mind. After stimulation, your worksheets encourage organization which is often the step I don’t complete.

- Mary Boettcher

The club fills in the gaps of the learning process – we encourage and inspire each other and share loads of information. For $25/month we have the tools to the queendom of gardening! 

- Penny Andrews

Are you ready to have more fun gardening this year?

Membership is for you if:

  • You want to tap into the daily excitement that gardening can bring to your life.
  • You’re ready to shake things up and try something new in your garden.
  • You want your garden to feed you on a soul-deep level, serving as the centerpoint of a life full of rich, satisfying joys.
  • You want more than just food from your garden. You’re excited for healthful cooking and living, creativity in nature, shared passions with friends, and ongoing learning.
  • You’re looking to join a community of fun, motivated, like-minded gardeners who help each other succeed.
  • You want personal answers to your toughest gardening challenges.
  • You’re ready to master the basics of gardening and bring more pleasure to gardening by delving into the details.
  • The hit and miss approach isn’t working for you anymore. You want real results and satisfaction from your gardening efforts.
  • You’re looking for down-to-earth, actionable advice you can use in your garden right away.

If you’re looking for a fresh, new look at gardening, don’t wait for another mediocre year to pass. The gardening club will help you have more fun and feel more excited to work in your garden this year.

Join our passionate group today!

By the Month

Cancel at any time.


Join Now

I was about to give up on gardening when the club came to my rescue. Now I’ve tripled the size of my garden, start all my own seeds, and have a freezer and pantry full of preserved food to use in delicious meals all winter long. Life is good!

- Abby Ross

My highlight of the club so far is having the support of other gardeners and getting to see what they’re up to in their gardens.

- Patricia Espedal

I think the cost of the club, the value you’re providing, the videos and handouts, and the opportunity for discussion and question answering is just spot on!  I am so excited for the rest of the year and what you have planned!

- T. Derouin


  • How is this program different than other garden classes?
    It’s no small feat to learn how to garden – it’s really a lifelong process. You can’t just take one class, or read a couple of blog posts, or get a few books from the library and expect to succeed. It’s a process that builds season by season and year by year. And once you start to delve into gardening it starts to bleed over into your whole life, in such a great way. You will want to learn how to cook with the food you grow, how to preserve it when you have extra, and how to maintain a steady level of interest and passion in your declared craft. I’ve created the club as a way for you to immerse yourself in this whole lifestyle – from the gardening knowledge and techniques that will help you become a better gardener, to embracing the fresh ingredients that inspire you to cook right from your garden, to the moral support of other passionate gardeners. Gardening can be so much more than just digging in the dirt – it should be a source of vibrant, ongoing joy and pleasure in your life. And that’s exactly what the Flavorful Life Garden Club is designed for – to help you embrace the gardening lifestyle and get more out of every minute you spend growing and enjoying your food.
  • Can you tell me more about the community of gardeners who are in the club?
    The garden club members are enthusiastic gardeners from all over the world. Some people garden on their balconies in pots, some people live in rural areas and have large plots of land, and some people live in cities and garden in urban areas. We’re a diverse bunch of folks who all have one thing in common – we love gardening! The Facebook group is where we ask questions, share resources and ideas, post photos of our gardens and geek out about all things gardening and food.
  • I’m not a Facebook user and don’t want to be. Can I still be a member of the club?
    Being part of the private Facebook group isn’t required for membership in the club. In fact, there are a number of members who choose not to participate in that aspect of the club. You’ll definitely get more than your money’s worth if you participate in the learning challenges, use bonus resources, and ask questions through the online classroom. All of the club videos, handouts, and eBooks are accessible in an online classroom completely separate from Facebook.  
  • I'm just starting out gardening. Is the Flavorful Life Garden Club a good fit for me?
    Yes! The club will help you start gardening in a smart way so that you can skip over the beginning mistakes and go right to the advanced ones! Beginning gardeners often make many costly and frustrating mistakes and the club is designed to help you avoid them right from the start. 
  • I already have a few years of gardening experience. Is the club right for me?
    If you’ve been gardening for awhile you’ve probably discovered that the more you delve into gardening the more there is to learn. Much of the true success of the garden lifestyle comes when you immerse yourself in the details of the experience. We’ll be doing just that throughout the year in the club. Not to mention that we’ll be focusing on so much more than just gardening — together, we’ll learn new ways to turn our bountiful crops into gorgeous and share-worthy meals throughout the entire year!
  • How will I be able to access all of the classes and resources?
    We have an online classroom that holds all of the videos, handouts, and eBooks. You’ll have your own private account where you’ll be able to watch all of the videos, download the worksheets and e-books, and keep track of which lessons you’ve completed. When you join the club you’ll get immediate access to all of the resources.
  • I know you live in the Midwest of the United States. Is this club designed only for people with gardens in that area?
    The basic building blocks of gardening are the same no matter where you live. Much of what we’ll be learning and talking about in the club will be applicable to all gardens, like garden planning, seed starting and food preserving. That being said, I live and teach from a zone 5a garden in Wisconsin. To get the most from the classes, it’s probably best if your garden is located somewhere comparable to U.S. zones 3-7. Not sure what zone you live in? Go to this website to find out. (
  • My life is already busy. I’m worried that if I join I won’t have time to participate.
    The format of the Flavorful Life Gardening Club was designed with precisely this challenge in mind! That’s why the content is tailored specifically to the season at hand, and is available 24/7 online for you to access and complete at your own pace. Learning how to become a skilled gardener doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why I designed the club to last for the whole year. Also, consider this: if you join right now at the current price, you only need to complete and benefit from a few of the lessons and eBooks to get your money’s worth. Gardening is totally addictive, so I know that you will end up participating much more than that, but the pressure is off and you are free to pick and choose the content and activities that best suit your lifestyle and schedule. The club format enables you to personalize your own experience while giving you the accountability and guidance you need to get the most from the club and your time invested.
  • I can really ask you anything I want about my garden?
    Yes! I’ll be hanging out in the Facebook group every day answering any and all gardening questions. You can also submit questions right to me through the online classroom. You can ask me anything you want and as many questions as you want. There’s not much I like talking about more than gardening!
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