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Get Started Stocking Your Pantry for Winter Free Mini-Course

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Intro: Hear About My Lightbulb Moment

You can look for local u-pick farms here. If you live in WI you can check out this great resource.


Lesson 1: Deconstruct Your Meals

Here’s the worksheet for this video: Deconstruct Your Meals


Lesson 2: 4 Easy Ways to Preserve Food


Lesson 3: Fun Ways to Use Your Pantry Ingredients During Winter


Lesson 4: Setting Your Pantry Priorities

Here’s the worksheet for this video: List of Veggies & Priorities


Lesson 5: Where to Go From Here


Fill Your Pantry From Your Garden Masterclass


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Videos Available Right Now

What Supplies Do You Need?
Simple  Recordkeeping
8 Quick Tips Before You Get Started
The Best Way to Preserve Tomatoes
How to Preserve Your Bumper Crop of Summer Squash
Savoring the Summer Flavors by Putting Away Corn
Putting Away a Bunch of Red Peppers for Winter
How to Freeze Broccoli (the non-mushy way!)
Put Away Kale So You Never Have to Buy It Again From the Grocery Store
How to Harvest & Cure Your Onions for Storage
How to Harvest & Cure Your Garlic for Storage
Seasonal Recipes for Highlighting Your Preserved Food (4 eBooks)


Proposed Schedule for Upcoming Videos This Summer & Fall

I'll be asking registered students for suggestions for topics and to vote for their top picks.

How to Preserve Early Summer Fruits & Berries
How to Harvest & Preserve Your Garlic Scapes
Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs That Aren't Worth Preserving

How to Plant a Fall Crop of Beets & Carrots for Storage
Ideas for Preserving Summer Fruits & Berries
Introduction to Fermentation

Freezing Beans
Preserving Herbs: Basil, Oregano, Mint, Chives, Parsley, etc.

Storing Winter Squash for Many Months
Using Your Fridge to Store Carrots & Beets

Tips for Cooking with Pantry Food
How to Grow Microgreens & Sprouts for Fresh Green Food in Winter

Ideas for Holiday Dishes Using Your Pantry Produce


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