Welcome! Step inside my garden and learn how to plant the most amazing vegetable of them all – fall spinach.

Don’t forget to print out the handout below the video. Enjoy!


Download your handout here.

You’re just a few steps away from harvesting veggies in the snow!

These last few weeks of summer are a critical time if you want to have food outside your door for more months of the year. You can be eating from your garden on a daily basis into the fall and early winter, but you have to get your timing right.

The window for planting closes quickly as we head into fall. Eventually, it’s too late and you have to wait until next year.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by fall gardening or if you don’t know where to start, let me offer a suggestion – take my online class, Extend Your Harvest: Plant a Fall Garden.

Get started on your cold weather garden now.






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