Are your tired of having mixed success in your garden?

Some days, gardening feels rewarding and productive. But on others, you feel frustrated because you don’t always understand why things are going wrong. You’re unsure of what each plant actually needs to flourish, you’re not having any luck with certain vegetables, and you feel like you’re not getting enough of a yield to make all the hard work worth it.

The Essential Guides are designed to help you skip over common mistakes and so you can experience the simple pleasure of seeing something you planted grow and produce food for your family. It’s a sense of accomplishment like no other!

Each guide breaks down a specific (and often tricky to grow) vegetable and walks you through the process of growing it successfully- from start to finish. You’ll make the most of your garden space by getting the best results possible from each vegetable plant you grow.



Each guide focuses on one specific vegetable and covers the following:

    • Buying transplants vs. starting your own seeds: which is the best option for each vegetable
    • Important tips and techniques for starting the seeds successfully with full color photos of the process
    • Variety matters: why vegetable variety is one of the keys to successful growing and a full explanation of my favorite varieties and where to buy them
    • Step by step directions with full color photos explaining exactly when and how to plant each vegetable so you’re starting off with a higher chance of success
    • Everything you need to know about each vegetable’s special needs: how to help the plant flourish throughout the season, best options for mulching, trellising and watering, how to know when to harvest, and more…
    • Preserving your bumper crop: the easiest and quickest ways to put away each vegetable for use in delicious meals all year round
    • My favorite meal planning resources for healthy, fresh recipes – I use them every week!
    • Live links to my top recipes for using each vegetable in tasty meals

Each Essential Guide includes:

  • an electronic PDF book (eBook) with color photos and step by step directions
  • links to all supplies on the internet so you can see exactly what I’m referring to and where to buy it
  • a simple layout that’s great for reading on your computer or printing out

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I love feeling the growing confidence I get from all of your guidance!
Tina LaHaise
My first attempt at vegetable gardening was overwhelming. Since learning Megan’s techniques I've been able to quadruple my garden's size. This year I planted a bench in the middle of it all so I can sit and enjoy the view!
Abby Ross

It’s so much fun to serve fresh veggies from your garden every night for dinner! The Essential Guides help you get really good at growing your favorite vegetables so you have plenty to harvest for delicious meals all season long.


Is this a print book or an ebook?

Ebook – it’s delivered to you as a PDF document over email. You’ll need to save it to your computer so that you can view it anytime you’d like.

Do I need a PayPal account to buy?

No, you can use a credit or debit card without having an account by clicking on Pay with a debit or credit card on the PayPal page.

Does the books cover other vegetables besides the ones listed?

Each Essential Guide only covers the vegetable that’s listed in the title. This allows you to delve into the details of that specific crop so you can master the techniques needed for growing it successfully. Have a request for an Essential Guide topic? Email me at the address at the bottom of the page to share your suggestion!

What if I’m just starting out with gardening?

The Essential Guides will help you skip over many of the mistakes that gardeners make with peppers, onions and garlic. They are the three most common vegetables that my clients and students say they have difficultly with. Once you know the tips and tricks for each it’s much more likely that you’ll have success growing them. Then you can move on to the more advanced mistakes!

What if I have questions about the book?

I would love for you to email me at [email protected]. In order to improve the book for the future I love feedback from users.

What if I am not happy with the product?

If you’ve read each section and tried several of the techniques and tips in the book and are still not happy with your experience with the book I will refund your money.

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