Adding Beauty to Your Garden with Flowers

front yard vegetable garden

A common complaint about vegetable gardens is that they’re not very attractive. I couldn’t disagree more! You can have a garden that produces a lot of food and is also a beautiful part of your home landscape.

The simplest thing you can do to elevate your garden from a place where you grow food to a garden that draws in and wows visitors and passersby on the street is to add flowers.

And the easiest place to add flowers is on the ends of your garden beds. (Don’t have garden beds? Here’s why you need them.)

vegetable garden with flowers


When you’re planting your garden beds with vegetables, make sure you reserve some room at the ends of the beds to plant some flowers. If you have a large garden, you don’t have to do this in every bed, but just make sure leave room in areas scattered around the garden so you have a nice distribution of color throughout.

Using the ends of beds is easy because it won’t disrupt the planting of your vegetables. I often fill a whole bed with onions, or garlic, or spinach, but leave just enough room for a few flowers.

In the areas you’ve reserved for flowers, plant some of your favorite annuals. I like annuals because once they get going, they tend to bloom for most of the season. They’re also the perfect companion to vegetables since they have a very similar lifespan. They die back in fall and early winter with the cold weather and can be cleared out of your garden at the same time you’re cleaning out the vegetable plants.

An added benefit of planting flowers among your vegetables is their blooms will attract beneficial insects and pollinators, which are an important part of a balanced organic garden.

If you start your own vegetable seedlings at home, think about ordering some flower seeds and starting them alongside the vegetables. Or, make a visit to a local nursery in spring and buy a flat of colorful annual flowers.

flowers in a vegetable garden

This season, focus on creating a more colorful and beautiful vegetable garden. Reserve some space at the end of some of your garden beds and tuck some flowers in amongst the vegetables. And don’t be afraid to mix and match flowers; the color combinations will add an extra layer of beauty and interest to your vegetable garden!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments! How do you create a more attractive vegetable garden?

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