5 Tips for Healthy Eating & Cooking During the Holidays

bowl of squash soup with bread

Now that we’ve made it past Halloween the holiday season has officially begun in earnest! This week I saw the first artificial tree for sale at my local hardware store, I opened my mailbox to find a Christmas catalog, and we confirmed our Thanksgiving plans (Minneapolis to my sister’s and then Iowa to my in-law’s) and even booked a ski-in cabin for Christmas.

Yikes! This is a busy time of year.

And I know it’s also the time of year when some of you start to feel stressed about eating healthy amidst all of the holiday craziness. I heard someone say on the radio, “This is the least amount I’ll weigh until sometime in January.” 

I understand. Health is one of my major life priorities and I’m pretty dedicated to it, but even I see things slip during November and December. So, I thought this would be the perfect time to chat about how we can all eat healthier on a regular basis, not just during the holiday season.

Why You Should Mulch Your Garden This Fall

fall garden with mulch

My front yard garden mulched and ready for winter.

Weeds! They’re a gardener’s nemesis. And they’re, by far, the most common struggle I hear about from fellow gardeners. If we’re not careful weeds can take over our gardens, and our lives, in a few short weeks of the gardening season.

They grow FAST! Much more quickly than the vegetables we’ve planted.

I’m here to tell it to you straight. Weeding is a complete waste of time. And if you’re spending more than a few minutes a week weeding you’re garden, it’s time to change your strategy. I hardly ever say this about gardening, but you’re doing it wrong.

How to Make a Massaged Kale Salad

woman holding kale salad

Kale is one of those vegetables that elicits many different responses from people. Some people think its proper place is as a garnish on the buffet table and others walk around with their Eat Kale t-shirts like religious devotees.

Which camp do you fall into? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Kale is officially a trendy vegetable, but maybe you find it puzzling that it’s inspired such adoration recently. I mean, most of the time you probably have more coming out of your garden then you know what to do with. That’s been my story.

That’s because kale is one of the garden vegetables that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. If you live in a northern climate like mine you can plant a kale seedling in spring and still be harvesting from that same plant at the end of October. I have a few lacinato plants in my garden that I’ve been getting food from for eight months!

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Garden Right Now.

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