Grow more vegetables than ever in your garden this season!

Your garden should add to your life by bringing you more of the things that breathe color into your days—things like food, beauty, health, pleasure, and joy.  And less of the things that bring you stress, like weeds, pests, and failing vegetable plants.

The most successful gardeners take some time before the garden season begins to devise a simple and smart plan for the year.  A smart garden plan lays the groundwork for a beautiful garden that yields lots of food for the least amount of time and money invested.

Smart Start Garden Plan is a fresh and simple approach to planning your garden. This workbook keeps planning practical, down-to-earth, and fun!

You’ll work through your plan step-by-step, and at the end you’ll have a personalized blueprint for what a successful season in your garden looks like.

Your garden dreams really can come true…you just have to plan for them!

Is this book for you?

  • You care about getting real results for your gardening efforts.
  • You’re not interested in bumbling your way through the process, wasting money and time as you go.
  • You love the idea of having a successful garden that feeds healthy food to you and your family.
  • You’re incredibly busy with work, school, kids, family, cooking, and household chores and don’t have endless hours to devote to gardening.
  • You’re looking for a fresh and simple approach to garden planning that you can use over and over again each year.
  • You’re looking for encouragement and inspiration to try new vegetables and new ideas.
I'm a visual learner so the inspiring color pictures of homegrown vegetables made this book worth every penny. I love to be organized, but I struggle. This book gives me a pathway from point A to point Z. Megan's conversational tone and invitation to use the handy worksheets, and links to videos and printables made this book come to life. I feel like I have a partner in the process!
Abby Ross

What you'll learn in this book:

    • Designing Your Smart Garden: exercises and worksheets to help you reflect on last year’s garden and clarify your garden vision for this season, important questions to ask yourself before deciding what to grow.
    • Veggie Essentials: learn the different characteristics of vegetables so you can strategically choose which to grow – find out in which season you get a harvest, how much food you can expect to harvest from each plant, how much space the plants take up, and how many days until you’ll start harvesting food.
    • Seeds & Plants Simplified: know when to plant a seed or a plant, different kinds of seeds explained, how to choose the best varieties for your garden, recommendations for unique and colorful varieties, how to plant for beauty with flowers, and the best places and times to buy plants.
    • When & How to Plant Your Garden:  create a personalized spring planting calendar so you know exactly when to plant each vegetable, follow a guide to the best plant spacing for maximum production, and tips for mixing up your plantings for more visual interest.
    • Simple Recordkeeping: how keeping records makes you a better gardener, why and how to create a garden map and binder, and tips for planning out your garden on paper.

The book includes:

  • a print and/or PDF  with 136 pages of full color photos, worksheets, and lessons to help you make a personalized garden plan
  • a bonus webpage with extra videos that highlight additional information and all of the worksheets from the book in a printable format
  • autographed copy (print only)
  • print book is on recycled paper from my local printer

garden planning book page spread

Click here to look at a sample of the book.

This book is absolutely necessary for everyone who would like to maximize the use of their space, time, and veggie output, while minimizing waste and reducing probability of fails. It is great for all of us who get "too excited" and easily get off track. It helped me tremendously.
Ania Rynarzewska
Smart Start Garden Planner will walk you through the process of getting ready to have the best garden you've ever had--most productive, most beautiful, most enjoyable--whether it's your first vegetable garden or your fortieth.
Terrie Anderson

This workbook will set you up for success by helping you stay focused on planning your garden so that you’re more organized, intentional, and inspired heading into the new season!


This book is for gardeners in what kind of climates?

I live and garden in zone 5a, Madison, WI. Most of the concepts and techniques in this book will be useful to you no matter where your garden is located because they highlight some of the building blocks of gardening knowledge. If you live in a desert, tropical climate, or other extreme area, some of the specifics of the book, like my favorite varieties I share throughout, may not be applicable to your garden. Take a look at the sample above and you’ll be able to decide whether you think this book will help you with your garden.  Or feel free to send me an email!

Tell me about the eBook.

The eBook is delivered to you as a link to a PDF document over email. You’ll need to save it to your computer so that you can view it anytime you’d like. It’s identical to the print book and has the bonus of having live links embedded in it so you can click right to the webpage I’m referring to in the book. It’s 8.5 x 11″, so will print easily on a standard printer.

Tell me about the print book.

The print book is 8.5 x 11″ with worksheets included in the book. If you don’t want to write in the book you can print out blank worksheets from the book’s website. That website address is listed in the book several times. Instead of live links, each website I refer to in the book is listed as a full address you can look up on your computer.

Do I need a PayPal account to buy?

No, you can use a credit or debit card without having an account by clicking on Pay with a debit or credit card on the PayPal page.

What if I don’t have a garden yet?

This book doesn’t teach you how to create your physical garden. It assumes that you already have a garden created and that you have some experience growing vegetables.


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