Expertly Plant a Seedling in 8 Steps

How to plant seedlings

Step 1: Clear a space. My beds are always covered in hay mulch to keep down weeds. When I am ready to plant a seedling I simply clear a small area with my hands.

Planting a seedling 1

 Step 2: Dig a hole with your trowel and pour a bunch of water in to soak the area.

How to plant a seedling in your garden

Step 3: Break the root ball of the plant gently to encourage the roots to start to move outwards, not around in a circle like they did in the pot.

How to Plant a Seedling

Step 4: Tuck the plant into the hole. No need to water again right now, the root ball is soaked from the water you poured into the planting hole.

Right way to plant a seedling

Step 5: Use a measuring tape to figure out where to plant the next seedling. Here I am planting brussels sprouts which I plant two rows to the bed, 18 inches between each plant.

Planting seedlings

 Step 6: Make sure you stagger your seedlings when planting. This gives them a little more room to grow.

Planting seedlings the right way

 Step 7: Write down the date, vegetable, variety and number planted on your garden map in your handy dandy garden binder.

how to plant your seedlings

Step 8: {Optional} Cover with row cover. In my community garden plot the voles like to chew on my young seedlings. I built a fortress this spring. Row cover also traps in heat so your seedlings will grow just a bit faster under there.

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  • Hi, I just stumbled on your site and I love that you share your knowledge! I have been a vege/flower gardener for awhile, and I bought some land on the prairie of Colorado. I have voles! I don’t know the first thing about how to control them. I would be forever grateful if you would share how to build that fortress!

    Thank you!

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