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The 5 Best Seeds to Start

Best Seeds to Start

This is the time of year when we gardeners are starting to feel the pull of the garden again. Mine is under snow right now, so it’s going to be some weeks before I get to sink my hands into the soil. Luckily, seed starting season begins just when I start to get restless.

Not only does starting your own seeds give you a jumpstart on the gardening season, but it also saves money, allows you to grow unique and colorful varieties you can’t find anywhere else, and is way more fun than buying your plants at the big box store.

Seed starting can feel overwhelming if you’re a newbie. But, trust me, once you get the hang of it you’ll soon find yourself filling up your house with seedlings of all shapes and sizes!

To get you started, here are five of the easiest plants to start from seed:

The Hopeful Beauty of Seed Starting

How to Start Seeds

Early last spring I was in my backyard potting up some seedlings that were still waiting to go into the ground and tidying up my seed starting supplies. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining through the branches of our huge red oak tree. I was feeling the elation that comes with the beginning of spring in Wisconsin. All of the gray days and frigid nights of the past few month were being forgiven – it was time to garden!!

As I happily puttered around my yard I started reflecting on how much extra joy starting my own seeds had brought to my life over the last 10 years.

The steps I take in late February each year – setting up my seed rack in my living room, mixing soil, planting tiny seeds – and the process of caring for my seedlings in the following weeks – watching the fragile first leaves poke through the soil, checking on them, watering them and sometimes fretting over them – are some of my favorite parts of gardening.

There are lots of practical reasons to start seeds like saving money and the ability to grow unique varieties. But, on that spring afternoon I realized that starting seeds had become a treasured yearly ritual for me.

It’s how I cast my hat in the ring for the upcoming season. It’s my declaration of hope for the coming rebirth of spring, my trust that the winter really will end at some point soon, and a re-connection to one of the most important and healing parts of my life – my garden.

On that spring afternoon last year I attempted to capture with my camera some of the beauty and joy of starting seeds. Here’s what I saw through my lens:

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Seeds

Grow You Own Microgreens.

At this time of year I think all of us gardeners are starting to feel the pull of the garden. Sometimes my garden is still hidden under the snow even though my heart and body are ready to get back out and sink my hands into the soil again.

A gardener friend said to me recently, “I’m starting to get antsy.” Yeah, me too. And that’s exactly why seed starting is the perfect antidote to winter restlessness.

If you don’t currently start your own seeds at home, let me try to convince you why you should do it this year.


Start the gardening season early. As we talked about above, it’s hard not to feel impatient to get back into the garden before spring actually arrives. Starting your own seeds “tricks” you into thinking that winter’s over and spring is here. You get to play with soil, seeds, and eventually plants. Just because it’s indoors doesn’t mean it’s not gardening!

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