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How Long Do You Have to Wait for Each Vegetable to Grow?

basket of garden harvest vegetables

To a certain extent gardening feels like a waiting game. Once we get our plants and seeds into the ground, we immediately start looking forward to the day when we can harvest the food. But vegetables vary widely in the number of days they need to grow until we can harvest them for dinner.

Radishes are ready to eat in as little as 21 days, while Brussels Sprouts can take up to 110 days. That’s a huge difference! Part of strategically deciding what you want to grow in your garden is knowing the time investment for each vegetable.

If you want to extend your harvest into as many months of the garden season as possible, you’ll want to plant vegetables that take various lengths of time to deliver their harvest. In this blog post, you’ll learn the three different categories that most vegetables fall into.

Why You Should Mulch Your Garden This Fall

fall garden with mulch

My front yard garden mulched and ready for winter.

Weeds! They’re a gardener’s nemesis. And they’re, by far, the most common struggle I hear about from fellow gardeners. If we’re not careful weeds can take over our gardens, and our lives, in a few short weeks of the gardening season.

They grow FAST! Much more quickly than the vegetables we’ve planted.

I’m here to tell it to you straight. Weeding is a complete waste of time. And if you’re spending more than a few minutes a week weeding you’re garden, it’s time to change your strategy. I hardly ever say this about gardening, but you’re doing it wrong.

What Kind of Garlic Should You Plant?

garlic bulbs

Interested in growing garlic? You’re in luck – garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow in the home garden. You can plant a large amount in a small space, it doesn’t have many pests or diseases, and it loves cold weather.

It survives the harsh winters in Wisconsin where we sometimes get -40 degree F winter weather. That’s a tough plant! (I share more reasons I think you should plant it here.)

As a bonus, harvested garlic will store for many months in your home, allowing you to use it as the base for delicious meals all year round. Cooking with your own home grown garlic will make dinner prep even more satisfying.

Common questions I get from new garlic growers is what kind of garlic they should plant and where to get it. There are a few options, so let’s dive right in!

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Garden Right Now.

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