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During the winter when passionate gardeners like us can’t be out in our gardens, what activities are good stand-ins? Planning our gardens, reading books about gardening, starting seeds, and listening to other people talk about gardening on podcasts. Do you sense a theme here?

We can get our needed daily or weekly dose of gardening through other sources. In fact, my sanity depends upon getting my minimum daily requirement of gardening all year round.

(I completely understand if the term gardening addict just jumped into your mind. I never said I wasn’t crazy about gardening, did I?)

I recently shared five gardening books to put on your winter reading list. These are great for cold, dark winter nights.

But, there are certain situations in which it’s difficult to read a book – taking a walk, painting your guest room, working on an art project, cooking dinner, driving the car…

Luckily, that’s where podcasts come in. If you haven’t jumped on the podcast listening bandwagon yet, make 2017 your year. They’re easy to access, especially if you have a smart phone, and there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there on every subject imaginable, including gardening.

Over the years I’ve researched and listened to many gardening podcasts. And I’ve even been a guest on some of them. Here are my favorites. I encourage you to spend some of your winter free time exploring and listening to them in the coming weeks.

How We Travel the World on a Small Budget

Cheap World Travel

At the top of our favorite hike in the mountains of Chile, January 2014.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you may know that my husband and I love to travel. For many of the last 10 years we’ve spent 4-6 weeks of the Wisconsin winter in another country. (I reviewed our trips in this post.)

Traveling is a great way to meet interesting and adventurous people. I’ve always been fascinated by people who live unconventional lifestyles. In fact, many of them have influenced the ways in which I’ve constructed my own life over the years. Several years ago, I discovered author and blogger Chris Guillebeau.  He spearheads an online community, called the Art of Non-Conformity, devoted to “unconventional people doing remarkable things”.

The purpose of AONC is “to share the story of how to change the world by achieving personal goals while helping others at the same time.” When I first discovered his website he was in the midst of an incredible quest – to travel to every country in the world before his 35th birthday.

I’ve read all of his books, attended one of his conferences in Portland, and follow his blog.  Through him I’ve read about many amazing people, met fellow business owners, and learned many new things. But, the biggest gift I received from him was travel hacking.

California Gardens or, I’ve Seen Spring!

California Gardens

Blooming crabapples and lavender at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

It’s been a little quiet around here the past two weeks because I was in San Francisco taking a class with one of my business mentors. The class was wonderful and enlightening, as always. But, I must admit, what got me really excited were the flowers and gardens and greenery! I walked around with eyes wide open and nostrils flaring to take in the gorgeous sights and smells of spring.

I’m back in Madison now and it fells awfully brown. I said to my husband this morning, “Once you see spring, it’s hard to erase it from your mind.” I have visions of it dancing in my head on an hourly basis!

If you’re a gardener and you’ve never visited California, you must put it on your list. The plants are so different from most regions of the U.S., people grow lemon trees in their front yards, and the farmers market is overflowing with amazing things like citrus, avocados and dates. It’s a gardener’s and foodie’s paradise.

I thought I’d share a little bit of what I saw with you as a promise of what’s to come if you’re still living in late winter like me. Although I can’t promise you lemon trees, I can predict you’ll be seeing flowers sooner than later!

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