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Freeze Tomatoes – It’s the Quickest Way to Preserve Them

freeze tomatoes

One of the first things I learned to preserve when I lived on a farm 15 years ago was tomatoes. Because we didn’t buy any off-farm produce in winter, we spent many weeks during the summer sweating in the outdoor kitchen and canning food on a woodstove. Talk about rustic!

To make tomato sauce we would run the fruit through a Squeezo to remove the skins and seeds. For whole tomatoes we’d dunk them in boiling water and peel off the skins.

For a few years after leaving the farm I just accepted that this is how you preserved tomatoes.

Until one day, when I stopped and realized how much work this was. I found that I was dreading my tomato canning sessions. “There’s got to be another way.” I thought to myself.

5 Easy Ways to Preserve Food Without Canning

chopped red peppers ready for freezing


This week’s bonus post is a guest column on a fellow garden blogger’s site, Lovely Greens. After reading the article, stick around for awhile and check out all of her creative projects, and  especially her recent tour of a real live hobbit house. 

For many of us gardeners, late summer and early fall signals the peak of the harvest season. Although filling up baskets and bowls full of vegetables from your garden can feel exhilarating, it can also be overwhelming and stressful.

If you find yourself giving away or, even worse, composting extra produce, consider trying your hand at food preserving this season. Contrary to popular belief, food preserving doesn’t have to be difficult, take up a lot of time, or require lots of fancy equipment. In fact, I’m a big advocate super easy food preserving.

Instead of spending a full day in a sweltering kitchen, easy food preserving means using the simplest and quickest method for putting each vegetable, fruit and herb away for use in delicious meals all season long.

My three favorite methods are storing food fresh in my basement or fridge, and using my chest freezer. This year I’m also experimenting with (and really loving) fermenting. Less frequently I turn to dehydrating and canning.

Let’s take a look at the options:

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The #1 Thing You Should Know About Food Preserving

vegetable harvest in bowls

In the span of one Saturday morning trip to the farmers market I had a sudden realization that completely changed the way I look at food preserving.

I was trudging around loaded down with vegetables (I go there to buy things I don’t grow – corn, melons, blueberries) when I started to notice the great bulk deals all around me.

An overflowing bucket of pickling cucumbers for $10. Tomatoes for $1/lb. Huge bags of broccoli for $2.

“Look at all of these great prices!” I thought to myself. “I should buy some of these vegetables for preserving.”

I should buy some of these vegetables for preserving…

That thought hit me like a bolt of lightning.

It was quickly followed by a brand new realization – I don’t have to grow everything I preserve. Whoa!

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